Do you want to hear a  story?



Veronika is an inspiring 20-year old designer from Slovenia. She always believed anything is possible – if one only tries hard enough – so she did. As one of the 10 most perspective young entrepreneurs she won a scholarship through Ustvarjalnik foundation and invested in her first product development. 

The Oli Tent is a solid proof how Veronika’s  inspiration was put into reality through innovative design that amazed children as well as their parents.


The idea for this innovative product has come from the depths of her earliest childhood memories: “I loved playing hide and seek. Like most children I have always wanted to create something safe and sound – to hide in. Creativity runs in the family, my sister loved drawing on the walls – which most parents get so upset about. How to solve the problem and keep everyone happy?” The idea for Oli was born – a toy where one can hide, play and be creative – whenever one pleases.

Veronika was very environmentally conscious from the early years on but recently a documentary about sea whales touched her heart.. “Let me explain”, she says: “Sea whales are a lot like us. They are one of the rare animal creatures that developed all five senses. They are very warm-hearted – if one of them was hurt, the other would bring him to the surface to get enough of fresh air to survive. The saddest thing is that there is so much plastic in the oceans today that they are threatened with extinction.” I knew that my design should support a meaningful cause…

… this is why it is shaped in a whale. I wanted to create a product that would emphasize characteristics of these beautiful animals – that young children should grow up with. Once the toddler turns into a youngster the fabric from the Oli Tent still can be used as a sleeping bag or a blanket.

Oli is not just a tent. With its multifunctionality it is a safe and sound place full of happiness for every child. Children can hide and play inside as well as draw and paint, since the paintings can be easily “washed away” and “painted” as many times as one would like. In additions, fins serve as compartments where all the toys and other secrets can be stored.